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 You could find Wings listed as an HR Consultancy company
But we don’t subscribe to that idea, because Wings is not only about human resources,

it’s about people.


Based in Lille, France

We partner with you to deliver solutions in training, coaching, seminar facilitation and career orientation



We also accompany individuals and companies who have projects involving continental Europe, The U.S and/or Japan

Our Values


Praise and encouragement enables people to reach their goals. Positive motivation builds the self-confidence which is the necessary fuel for flight.

Our job is to inspire and stimulate those we meet and work with, so that obstacles can become stepping-stones. Sometimes what inspires us may come as a surprise.


Problems shared are problems halved. Shared ideas and solutions equate to multiplied benefits. Finding a common language, often in a multicultural context, is the core of communication.

Teamwork is about you and us. We will never tell you what the solution is, we believe in listening, and building it together.


Once upon a time, training sessions were offered as an incentive for staff. That’s no longer sufficient. Development is hard work, and your partners need to be reliable and accountable. People progress when they have concrete action-plans. Wings challenges your team to map out opportunities and to put what they learn from us into skill-building practice.

People develop primarily from within. People don’t change; they grow.

Our motivation is from helping people identify, use, and strengthen their potential. Many of those we meet today are not getting enough pleasure from what they do.That’s a real issue, for them, for their companies and for their clients. Satisfaction from within is the key to solving this issue.

Through communicating more effectively, mastering new skills, improving results, identifying a career-path and building a team, we source our satisfaction from the increased satisfaction of our clients. We are passionate about what we do, and we will share that energy with you.


What can we help you with?

WE CAN HELP YOU: noun_151942_ccMobilize teams around change
noun_273623_ccImprove commercial performance noun_94873_cc Get the right job
noun_57144_ccFacilitate a seminar or convention noun_188300_ccDevelop intercultural skills
noun_23554_cc.pngRise from management to leadership noun_65860_ccCoach a key manager
noun_113182_ccChange career direction noun_126205_ccTrain your teams

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The Team

Guy Howley

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Before founding “Wings”, Guy built a successful career in Sales and Key Account management, including ten years managing teams and clients for a world-leading company in the fast-moving consumer goods sector.He has worked as a consultant and trainer on an international stage for the last twelve years. Of British nationality, he is equally at ease delivering in English or French, frequently in a multicultural context. His focusses are leadership skills, general and change management, and sales and communication skills.He also coaches at executive level on performance and personal development, and is a certified user of the MBTI, Herrmann HBDI and Process Com tools. He partners the EDHEC International Business school, running workshops and providing career-coaching guidance for MBA level students.His inspirations? Rather than those who write books about leadership, the models and examples Guy has found on his own unconventional route often have little if any connection with the business world. His extensive travels offer encounters and (self-)revelation, both in and outside a professional context.


Naoko Hori


Of Japanese nationality, Naoko spent seventeen years in the U.S. Whilst there, she taught English at M.B.A level and provided english for business training at Toyota. She also worked as a Japanese-English translator.

Naoko then moved to Tokyo, where she developed her teaching and training skills, in particular via leading classes in Japanese for French executives, and by inspiring and teaching handicapped children English.

She hired,trained and managed the multicultural teaching team at a top language school, and took a leading role in business development, as well as organizing exchange programs for Japanese students to English-speaking countries.

Her inspirations? Making others smile by what she does is what gives Naoko her motivation.Whilst raising her two teenage sons in the U.S, she made time to train for and successfully complete five marathons, with her own inspiring mother running alongside her on three occasions.

The courage shown by people who do something by beating all the odds, whether disabled or not, is a real source of energy for her.