Manage and cooperate in an intercultural context training

The business world is more “global” than ever, frontiers are virtual, and call for a similar shift in mindsets. Take advantage of the pre-vacation lull in activity to develop your intercultural knowledge and skills. 2 days in inter-company training to discover and learn.

Training objectives

  • Discover cultural differences and become aware of their impact on professional relationships
  • Adapt your management and communication according to your cultural context
  • Identify and anticipate misunderstandings and sources of potential conflict which stem from cultural differences
  • Acquire a “toolbox’ for intercultural management, and master new techniques

Training content

Cultural differences : what is it all about?

  • Distinguish between individual, organisational and national cultural differences
  • The influence of cultural dimensions on management styles.

Decoding cultures : differentiating dimensions and ground rules to work together effectively in an intercultural context.

  • Sources of motivation
  • The dimensions :
  • Management of time and space
  • Risk-taking and attitude to change
  • Task/relationship
  • Communication context
  • Hierarchical distance
  • Expressing emotions

Communicating effectively in an intercultural context

  • The pillars of communication – the importance of non-verbal
  • Adapting your communication style : techniques and behaviours to
  • …facilitate and take part in meetings
  • …give feedback
  • …communicate at a distance ( mail/telephone/visio)

Managing difficult situations and conflict-sources

  • Recognizing damaging stereotypes across cultures
  • Managing risks
  • Practical tips ( codes/protocol/tabous/use of humour)

Individual review and action-plans / to take it further…

Duration ; 2 days

Dates : July 21st-22nd

Public : All managers or sales functions, working in an international environment

Trainer : Guy Howley, bilingual in french and english